Management For Anxiety, Depression & Other Disorders in Greeley, CO

Get your medication prescription and TMS session

on the same day
Medication Management
Get your medication prescription and TMS session
on the same day

Meet Our
Nurse Practitioner

Our dedicated nurse practitioner is available to provide medication management for
patients who require psychiatric medications. With a commitment to personalized
care, she brings a wealth of experience and compassion to her role. She will be
available for in-person appointments and telehealth consultations on Saturdays.

Benefits of Our Medication Management Service

Integrated Care

Comprehensive mental health treatment combining TMS therapy and medication management.


Come for your TMS session and get your medication prescription at the same time!


Our nurse practitioner is experienced with TMS patients

Understanding Your Medication Management Journey

What to Expect from Medication Management

Initial Consultation

  • A comprehensive assessment of your mental health needs.
  • Discussion of your medical history and current medications.
  • Development of a personalized medication plan..

Prescription Management

  • Accurate and timely prescriptions tailored to your specific needs..
  • Regular follow-ups to monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments..

Ongoing Support

  • Continuous monitoring of medication effectiveness.
  • Adjustments to dosage and medication as needed.
  • Support and guidance to manage any side effects.

Ready to Enhance Your Mental Health Journey?

If medication management could benefit your treatment, schedule a consultation with our nurse practitioner to explore your options.